Core visual elements establish the look and feel of your brand. These graphic assets are how your brand is identified and differentiated by your customers. They are how your brand is recognized and known.

When the investigation of your current situation(the Brand Audit), and the bridge betweenwhere you are and where you want to go (the Brand Strategy brief) are completed, the creative design process begins.

Effective logos are the result of careful explorations of typography, color, shape, and photographic style. There will be dozens, if not hundreds, of ideas and iterations explored before a few are selected for your review.

These explorations are vital to ensure your brand identity is unique and differentiated, and that it will work across multiple platforms and in a range of environments.

In the case of a re-brand, we’ll consider the value of the existing forms and examine their impact on your current culture and audience. We’re looking to tie the new designs to your history but transform them into larger ideas and stronger visuals.

Brand assets include:

• Flagship logo

• Logo iterations

• Primary and secondary color brand identity

• Typographic identity

• Photographic identity

• Brand book with graphic standards and guidelines


The design of your core brand identity element — the logo — is serious business, and obviously not to be taken lightly. From a design and utility perspective, your mark must work throughout an entire system. I present concepts not just on a white background but in context as they will be used in the marketplace. Flexibility, consistency, and sustainability are required.