Touchpoints are the graphic environments and experiences created to connect people to your brand, and to encourage brand advocacy within your organization.

Touchpoints work together as a total program. They convey the brand personality and are consistent with its positioning strategy. They demonstrate understanding of the target customer, their needs, and pain points. They enforce differentiation.

We determine the touch points you need during the Strategy phase, and remain open to additions, changes and deletions as we get closer to the finish line. 

Ultimately, there will always be the need for flexibility, testing, and refining, even after your brand is launched. Brand design is an iterative process that enables ongoing conversation between your brand and your fans.

Examples of brand touchpoints:

• Business card

• Stationery, including letterhead, forms, media kits digital and print

• Vehicle wraps

• Packaging and products

• Uniforms and apparel

• Social media banners and ads

• Signage

•Brochures, catalogs and sales materials digital and print

• Email and direct mailers

• Lead magnets, ebooks

• Presentation decks

• Websites responsive

• Advertising


The design of your core brand identity element — the logo — is serious business, and obviously not to be taken lightly. From a design and utility perspective, your mark must work throughout an entire system. I present concepts not just on a white background but in context as they will be used in the marketplace. Flexibility, consistency, and sustainability are required.

Touchpoints are determined based on your target customer and available technologies. As trends and tech evolve, new touchpoints need to replace outdated items.