MP Designs

MP Designs serves the creative community by providing custom design, prototyping, fabrication, construction, and fabrication. This independent design company is being positioned as the go-to source for custom props and sets for production houses and photographers.


This talented, skilled, business-to-business start-up needs to make an impact and build a a customer base. The primary audience is fellow creatives, commercial photographers, production companies, and set designers. 


An initial discovery assessment was the basis for a brand strategy that included strategic positioning, communicate fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. There’s a hands-on mechanical process to design and build projects, which requires precision and quality construction.

The client needed a unique logo relevant to a creative target. The concept of form and function came up again and again, and so I looked to Bauhaus and Constructivist sources for inspiration. But it needed a contemporary look and feel because much of their services include digital fabrication methods. That’s where the color explorations came in.

MP Designs Logo Development Process A by Alvalyn Lundgren
MP Designs Logo Development Process B by Alvalyn Lundgren


Form follows function is a concept refined and pushed out by the Bauhaus  and has infiltrated modern design ever since. In fact, is the function that separates designers from artists. We aren’t the same.  This is understood by designers trained in the Bauhaus tradition… which, if you’ve gone to design school at all, the curriculum and methodology taught were founded at the Bauhaus.

The function of the logo is to identify and differentiate this particular provider among their competitors. 

I explored a number of options for the identity based on my research of Bauhaus, De Stijl, and Modern industrial design.
I played a lot with positive and negative shapes, interlocking shapes, and industrial/architectural constructions. 
MP Designs Logo by Alvalyn Lundgren



A unique mark that is easily applied across all channels and platforms and communicates modernist principles of design, precision, and manual and digital processes.

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