FASD Network of Southern California

FASD Network of Southern California Business Card by Alvalyn Lundgren
FASD Network of Southern California, a 501(c)3 organization, exists to educate, encourage, and support those individuals affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and their caregivers.

The organization wanted to level up their visibility and influence as a source for support, resources, awareness and education. 

The organization didn’t have branding assets when it approached Alvalyn Creative, but has a sizable googlesites presence. Its goal is to become the resource for FASD 

FASD — Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder — is multi-layered and complex. Similarly to autism, is not immediately recognizable or easily diagnosed. It is a less known cause than autism, but the Network aims to change that with its new look and feel.
FASD Network of Southern California was founded by a dedicated, passionate group of adoptive parents, families and friends.
Create a unique, compelling logo and graphic standards guide
Create an appealing identity system to increase value and awareness
Create a friendly, non-clinical website to act as both communication hub and online resource for people in and around the FASD community.
After conducting an initial assessment and brand audit to address needs, current situation, and opportunities not yet realized, I developed a brand strategy for the client to form a bridge from their current situation to what they wanted to accomplish. 

In addition to creating awareness among families, adoptive parents, the courts, law enforcement, social services, teachers and educators, the org wanted to provide an online information and connection hub with categorized, helpful articles and a conversion funnel (which is usually used in marketing goods and services, but is also effective in marketing information and connection).
After the strategy was completed, I undertook the task of developing a simple and effective logo that represented the org and the disorder, and then created the website and ID system.
FASD Network of Southern California Home Page
Unique Insights
In my initial research and inquiry into FASD, organizations and resources, I did not find many well-designed, thoughtful logos. Most are of a clip-art and include tragic typography, cliché wine glasses and infants. Balance, precision, proportion are generally not considered. Ugh!
Since FASD is not curable and a life-long reality for those affected, my first goal was to create an adult logo and avoid all clichés. I decided on a typographic word mark rather than an icon-based logo to bring more awareness to the disorder — FASD — itself. My design is subtle, sophisticated, while at the same time, obvious. It stands out from what’s used by similar organizations. 
I created the identity by considering the hidden issues of the disorder, the many variations of its manifestion in individuals. I selected warm colors from across the hue spectrum and hid a reverse impression of the uppercase letters within the letters. My intent was to create an honest visual identity that communicated hope but also the substance and seriousness of the disorder.
In addition to creating a  number of touch points, I developed a custom website which functions as a resource hub for those affected, their families, educators, law enforcement, the medical community, and also is the first point of connection to the organization and everything it offers. 
A ground up strategic brand that includes logo, identity system, and website — and provides practical, proven tips, resources, information and education for everyone concerned with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
The organization has increased in awareness and participation, offering training opportunities, meet-ups, and connecting community.
CLIENT: FASD Network of Southern California
Brand Strategy
Logo Development
Graphic Standards
Stationery System
Project Management

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