Land Sea Air Cannabis

Land•Sea•Air is a veteran-owned company supporting fellow veterans.


The founders of LSA seek to elevate the status of the use of cannabis products in the management of PTSD. They charged me with developing an identity that would help do just that, and one that would appeal to the veteran community.

The idea was to avoid using typical military colors (primary hues, khaki, olive drab, camo) but create a palette that made sense and was acceptable to the veteran community as a whole. Basic black is the starting point for the primary tier color palette.



Since the client was looking for an identity that their community would understand and appreciate, it was appropriate to forego the development of an illustrative icon and pursue a solution of letter forms alone. I first looked to my dad’s insignia collection from WWII and specifically studied the insignia of his unit, the 69th Infantry Division, US Army, as inspiration for a lock-up of letter forms. 


With legislation opening up the possibilities for cannabis products, the industry is in its fledgling stage. Many growers and store owners are jumping in in order to generate revenue, seeking quick and easy profits. 
Currently the industry packages and promotes products based on 420 and hippie culture, which communicates a more recreational use.
The veteran community has been using cannabis to manage PTSD — a serious and invisible injury — for some time. The founders of LSA believe it’s time for this community to take the lead in raising a more positive, mainstream profile through an elegant, corporate approach.
LSA challenge coin concept


LSA Cannabis identity


Land Sea Air is currently in pre-launch. Development of additional assets is in process.

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