My Values

These are the values that form the foundation of my business and platform. If they resonate with you, we should probably be working together. 


Knowing what to do, why, and when to do it is necessary for design. In fact, design requires wisdom above all. I think things through to their reasonable outcomes. I focus on why and delve into the heart of what matters to my clients.



I observe popular culture, marketplace trends, business climate, cultural shifts. and have a strong basis in art and design history. This means I can counsel you wisely in terms of direction and solutions for  your design project. I become familiar with the services & mission of my clients. 


For design and branding to work in the marketplace, they must exceed expectations. It requires skill to design excellent work on a consistent basis. I do not rush the process or take shortcuts. I continue to develop, improve and fine-tune, my problem-solving and technical skills.


No one creates ex nihilo (out of nothing). My branding and design solutions are developed through research, design thinking, idea exploration and my own experiences.  As such, they’re unique (no templates, no copy-and paste-acquisitions) and practical, while being aesthetically sound. 


I act in accordance with my values. I don’t accept projects  that aren’t a good “fit” for me. I exercise due diligence over client projects, and work for their highest good.


People work with people they know, like, and trust.